Raising the collective consciousness of humanity.

The days that we live in have more abundance and choice than any other time in human history. Yet so many unnecessarily feel "behind", "distressed" and "anxious." It does not have to be this way.

Through modalities that create self mastery, we help individuals develop a sense of inner peace, confidence and knowingness. This naturally translates into new actions and behaviors.

Often our biggest saboteur is our own self. The offerings available at Evolved Life allow us to transform how we see the world. No longer stuck in a sea of problems out of our control. Instead, we see the opportunities and have the energy, inspiration and disposition to move into action.

We live in a time where we can consciously choose to evolve in any way that we want to. Evolved Life is designed to help us evolve in a way that serves the individual and the whole.

We believe that all should have access to this information. If you feel you desperately could benefit from one of our programs but can not afford one please email us.

Iain Grae is a blessing.  He has completely expanded my vision for myself, my business and definitely expanded the way i experience money, wealth and abundance.  He has the midas touch and within days of our first serious conversations money began to flow in.  I know that may sound ridiculous but is true.

He taught me to be deserving, worthy and how to create and attract abundance in my life.  This way of being is what works.  He continually helps me stay in alignment with my vision and his questions and routines are working.  He is a stand for my being a multimillionaire and I am currently on track to have 50 Million dollars.

Iain has been an unbelievable inspiration and guide in my goal of moving out of a corporate job and into entrepreneurship. He has accomplished this in a many ways over the course of almost 9 years. When I initially met him his positive, energetic aura and can-do anything attitude were a refreshing change from my daily norm. He would challenge why I didn’t think something was possible and often showed how easy the impossible was to overcome.

He broke down large life goals into micro daily goals and reminded me to make sure to work on that “one critical little step”, in other take that one little action every day, even if it’s only 5 minutes a day. He also taught belief hacking and getting rid of limiting beliefs, as well as committing fully to a pursuit, no half hearted commitments allowed. There are lots of other positive habits I’ve learned from Iain (such as writing down goals on a bathroom mirror so you see them twice a day) but in all too many to list, I highly recommend anyone looking to improve their life to talk and LISTEN to Iain, he has countless words of invaluable wisdom.

Thank you Iain, you inspire and guide me everyday.

Art Gomez Tagle - Entrepreneur

Daniel Fox- Entrepreneur & Mentor