The Power of Pausing

The Power of Pausing

Do you value pausing and waiting?

I certainly did not until the past few months taught me otherwise. I thought rushing, pushing, and trying harder was an honorable deed. The older I get, the more I recognizing that pausing isn’t a weakness, it is actually a space for strengthening the heart. For listening. For truly knowing.

I am learning there is power in pausing and “waiting” before movement. Pausing & waiting does not mean sitting at home & hiding from an action. It does not mean cowering in fear. In fact, pausing and waiting is a practice that can stretch and grow us beyond measure. It can eradicate fear… when done with intention.

If pausing and waiting is done with intention, it can be one of the most powerful gifts we gift ourselves.

Those beautiful birds you see pictured above gather every evening at sunset.

They stand.

They wait.

When the wind blows in the right direction, they spread their wings and allow themselves to be lifted into the air in the most beautiful formation.

In tandem.

Now while it may look like they aren’t ‘achieving’ much of anything while they wait, they are actually active. They are standing. They are tuned in. Ready.

At times they move positions so they can all lift together. Sometimes you see them squabble with each other. Yet all the while, they are standing in purpose. They are in sensory observation for the perfectly imperfect moment to spread their wings and soar.

And they do this repeatedly, over and over again, until the sun has fully taken his rest for the night.

Although I don’t ‘speak bird,’ they don’t seem to convey the message of, “Hey this wind wasn’t good enough today, I didn’t do a good enough job, I’m giving up,” with their actions. They simply stand in purpose, observe, and allow the elements to guide them.

For us non-bird like folk, I believe in the pausing and waiting, the fuel we need to move forward is remembered within us.

Sometimes in the pause, love is remembered.

Sometimes in the pause, acceptance is remembered.

Regardless, in that pause, something intangible and yet all-powerful can be witnessed with the intention of allowing that will fuel you in your journey forward.

So, I would love to offer this to you today, if it feels right for you:

If you find yourself in push mode today, perhaps feeling frustrated, anxious, or whatever you may be experiencing, I encourage you to pause. Breathe. Write. Let whatever the thought or emotion that is fueling you forward from a place of push and the need for achievement be seen and expressed. Perhaps in that time, you realize you’ve been moving forward from a place of seeking validation, wanting love, or feeling not-enough-ness. As you pause, you realize that thing you thought was so important, you no longer even want to pursue because you realize that you are love and loved.

If you find yourself in the pause, in a place of fear, ask yourself what your intention is. Are you pausing, observing, listening, and opening to new avenues within yourself? Or are you folding into thoughts and beliefs about yourself that are unconscious, automatic, and driving you away from the love that is innately within you? At that moment, you could ask yourself, “What could my intention for my pause be that would allow me to continue to grow and expand into deeper avenues of self-love and self-expression?”

Comment below, how do you empower intentional pausing to soar to new heights in your life?

Love, Light, & Divine Purpose.
Jess Bubbico

Sending big love from myself (on the right), my soul tribe sister Alex (on the left), and all of these beautiful birds.

Jess Bubbico is a Soul Coach & Manifesting Maven on a mission to awaken readers to their innate inner brilliance. Check out her podcast “Manifest Your Best Life Podcast” on iTunes, Anchor, & Spotify.

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