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What Our Members Are Saying

I like how spiritual and yet business savvy y’all are. That’s been a hard thing for me to find a true successful example of.
– Jus’Thea

I’d say between talking with Iain over the years, listening to his videos and reading his posts I think I have a pretty good game plan going these days, just working executing micro goals every day, follow my higher path, stay true to my vision.
-Alex Langer

I’m walking away with amazing lessons spending time with Iains community has transformed how I see myself and what I’m able to give to the world as a result it’s absolutely amazing it’s literally one of the best choices that I made all year to follow my intuition and to go spend time with Iain.
– Daniel Fox

I really enjoy the way that you guys break everything down. I am able to relate to your ways of wording things very well.
– Alli Plyer

“…for the first time, I was really aware that these thoughts are coming and going all the time.. we really can choose to watch them pass or grab them … I am smiling like crazy just thinking about it.”
– Cheryl Watson