“10 Principles that Brought me MILLIONS”

Is your business hanging on the “BUBBLE” that you just can’t break through? You’re hustling, pulling long hours, doing what you think you should be doing but SOMETHING IS MISSING

This book will give you clarity on what that might be and also a plan on how to implement what you need to do next.

Iain Grae is a blessing. He taught me to be deserving, worthy and how to create and attract abundance in my life.  This way of being is what works.  He continually helps me stay in alignment with my vision and his questions and routines are working.  He is a stand for my being a multimillionaire and I am currently on track to have 50 Million dollars.

Alex Montalenti
Co-Founder at

This book for is for you if you want to:

Get a clear picture of what brings you joy

Create massive wealth over and over again by doing what you LOVE!

Fast track your journey towards reaching your goals

Want to give back to the world by sharing your gifts for the betterment of humanity!

Hi, I’m Iain Grae.

I didn’t start off in the personal development space – I actually went out and made millions. I didn’t have start up cash – I was actually in debt. I did not have a mentor to follow. I did not even know for sure what I was going to do.

I only had an idea, some books and some cassette tapes. Armed with desire to transform my life I took the little I had and started to take action. I tracked what gained the biggest results and created a formula for success that I have used in several businesses.

Today I give it to you in an easy format to follow. The practices and exercises are simple and anyone can apply them to drastically improve their quality of life.

Becoming a millionaire is only one click away…