Evolved Life

was created to raise the collective consciousness of humanity

The days that we live in have more abundance and choice than any other time in human history. We believe that we live in an infinite universe where anything is possible. This community has been created to support everyone who participates in reaching their highest self.

We live in a time where we can consciously choose to evolve in any way that we want to. Evolved Life is designed to help us evolve in a way that serves the individual and the whole.

We share the beliefs of ascended masters and disseminate their teachings in a palatable and practical format.

The Purpose:

Working together to raise the collective consciousness of humanity. Learn more about Global Harmonization

The How:

By creating a world where the love of self and others is celebrated in harmony.

The Creator

Iain Grae is an awakened entrepreneur with a passion for creating businesses that bring people together for celebration and growth.

His first major company Innovation Ads, Inc. was a pioneer in online media and technology. The focus was to help people find the education that would lead them in fulfilling their purpose in life. The success resulted in huge growth for the company which was sold, merging with a larger organization.

Next, Iain invested in Motorsports venues bringing thousands of people together to celebrate a life of possibility, of community and of gratitude. Both venues continued to fulfill their purpose as Iain transitioned into something his soul was calling for.

In comes Evolved Life, a documentation of the tools and distinctions that have afforded such a abundant and graceful flow through life. He’s built a tight knit virtual community of thought leaders who are using this material to grow by leaps and bounds daily.

BS Management FAU

Masters Organizational Leadership Mercy College