Evolved Lyfe was created to raise the collective consciousness of humanity. The days that we live in have more abundance and choice than any other time in human history. We believe that we live in an infinite universe where anything is possible. This community has been created to support everyone who participates in reaching their highest self.  We live in a time where we can consciously choose to evolve in any way that we want to. Evolved Lyfe is designed to help us evolve in a way that serves the individual and the whole.

The Purpose:

Working together to raise the collective consciousness of humanity.

The How:

By creating a world where the love of self and others is celebrated more than any other feat.

The Creators

Growing up most of us are told that life does not have an instruction book. Through their experiences this conscious power couple has set out to change that. Taking every opportunity to study with those that have reached success in key areas of their life Iain & Gabrielle test them in the laboratory of their own life. Only those that yield the most amazing results get to stay, while the others are modified or removed.

These two are so deeply in love and understand that currently love is what will drive humanity to evolve in the most profound ways. They create events, programs, videos and more all with the intention of spreading love around the world.

Iain Grae


Iain has spoken worked in groups as small as six and spoken to groups of over 10,000 people. His passion for human potential radiates from his presence. The only thing he enjoys more than making personal improvements is helping others to reach new heights.

Iain Grae is a serial entrepreneur who lives life with a passion for creating inspirational experiences. He started his first small business in his teens and continues to build his portfolio. His first major success came in his mid-twenties when he founded Innovation Ads, Inc. – a New York based advertising agency which grew from just himself to over 150 employees in just three short years at which point he sold it. Iain currently owns San Antonio Raceway & Cycle Ranch MX Park which allows him to build family friendly events that enable people to pursue their childhood dreams. He uses a unique management style to empower his employees & customers alike to make the experience all that they want it to be.
Iain regularly attends and participates in conscious raising experiences and events. He holds a Masters in Organizational Leadership from Mercy College in New York and a Bachelors in Marketing from Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton. He sees life as a quest for continuous education and firmly believes in the Law of Attraction and the power of positive belief. He attributes is success to surrounding himself with great people and always being ready to learn something new.
Sorry ladies, Iain is happily married to Gabrielle Grae and they currently split their time between San Antonio, TX, Miami, FL & traveling the globe attending or creating consciousness raising events..

Gabrielle Grae

Founder – Modern Femininity

Gabrielle Grae is a Speaker, Workshop Host & Relationship coach. Having struggled with relationships in her early years through training with master coaches, shaman and relationship pros Gabrielle has developed a unique skillset to help women get the most out of their relationships.

The practices that Gabrielle teaches are both fun and extremely effective. Anyone can learn them to subconsciously attract and create the relationships that they desire.  Just one look at the relationship she has with her husband is living proof of how well her teachings work!

In her book 5 Steps To Be Irresistible To Him she reveals timeless strategies any woman can use to improve her relationships. This is a must read by anyone looking to create more sizzle, spice and connection with their partner.

Gabrielle has spoken at several events, travels the globe leading, attending and participating in consciousness events. She even holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from University in British Columbia.